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Home Teaching

HomeTeaching.org is a free site to simplify the administration of the Home Teaching program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This site has no commercial purpose. It's information is not shared, nor is there any advertising. The sole purpose is to allow quorum leaders to fullfill their administrative responsibilities efficiently so that they will be more available for ministering to those under their stewardship.

This service is designed to work in conjuction with the MLS system.

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HomeTeaching.org provides four key benefits 1) Quorum Leaders can administer their home teaching program from any computer that has internet access. Multiple users can work on the same information simultaneiously. The Ward Clerk can assign new families to a quorum. The quorum leaders can make home teaching assignments. 2) Home Teaching reporting can be done automatically. Periodically, an email message is sent to the Home Teachers who can click on a link and report their home teaching results on line. This eliminates the need to call them for their report. 3) You can assign home teachers to families whos records have not yet been received by the ward. This allows new families to receive home teachers earlier. 4) A number of reports facilitate efficient home teaching, such as reports on the single sister's home teaching or a list of families that need a new home teacher or a report of home teachers who have not reported results.

HomeTeaching.org will make managing the home teaching of your ward and quorum much easier.